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We make investor relations simple, efficient and secure
Irostors is the leading investor relations and corporate access platform.

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Irostors is a digital investor relations company

Our products allow public companies to find and engage with investors and vice-versa. Irostors' first goal is to make it equally easy for investors of all sizes and backgrounds to meet with public companies.

Our combined investor discovery capabilities and Investor Relation Management (IRM) solution significantly lowers the cost of capital and cost of corporate access while increasing transparency, efficiency, and corporate knowledge for all.

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How did it start?

Like most innovations, Irostors.com started out of frustration. As investors in mid-size hedge funds, our founders felt it challenging to reach out to companies and book their meetings. Size-sensitive intermediaries would prioritize large investors leaving the smaller players to rely on second-hand talks. Over a year of product development and beta-testing have helped shape the vision of today's most comprehensive and agile investor relation platform in Asia.

Rui Zhang, Partner & CEO

Over 10,000 global investors currently use our platform for efficient, secure, affordable meetings with public companies.

Our corporate values

Customer first
Our customers' satisfaction is our priority, no matter their Asset Under Management (AUM), market capitalization, and background.
We strive to deliver best-in-class digital IR solution and are committed to continuous improvement towards excellence.
We have been and will continue to be the most agile and quickest to respond to our customers' inquiries in the IRM field.
Our team at Irostors is responsible for doing what is right for our customers and stakeholders and operating per the highest regulatory standards.
Inclusion, and dignity for all
We are committed to respecting, supporting, and valuing our team members to ensure they are in the right conditions to achieve their full potential.
We provide a meaning to work based on a clear vision, mission and set of goals. We foster a team spirit while encouraging initiative and risk-taking.

Our team

Rui Zhang

Chief Executive Officer

David Gao

Chief Technology Officer

Vicky Hill

Business Development ASEAN - Ex-Singapore

Steven Lam

Director, Business Development

Greg Chui

Software Engineer

Wally Lo

Software Engineer

Frantz Moudoute


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