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Reaching out to public companies shouldn't be challenging! Irostors gives you direct access to thousands of companies. Interact, book & attend meetings, improve your due diligence and invest better.

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Navis Capital
Fircrest Partners
SBI Asset Mgmt.

Gain unique perspective by Engaging Directly with corporates

Creating alpha is about finding the shortest way to information. The company is the best source of information to educate investors on its business, industry, and regulatory environment. Regular contacts with the company are also necessary for a well-established due diligence process.

Ask the corporates, they know better

Select from over 20,000 public companies on Irostors and start planning your next meeting.

A simple and effective way to reach out to companies

72% of the investors we surveyed find it hard to engage with public companies. 'Contact us' forms, generic email addresses, and office phone numbers are all hit and miss.

On Irostors, you can search for companies, and send questions and meeting requests with ease.

Request meetings and let the company select among your availability. Confirmed meetings are saved directly to your calendar; no more unnecessary back-and-forth emails.

Hundreds of features to streamline corporate access

Contact management made for investors
We keep contacts in order for you. Build industry-focused distribution lists of your own to blast Q&As and meeting requests.
Easy to use email campaigns
Email system built for due diligence and investment management. Keep your investment communication process tidy.
Meeting logistics simplified
Request group meetings with companies in a few clicks with your availability. Organize your due diligence days with your choice of companies.
Due diligence data recording
We record Q&As and meetings at your firm and each analyst level. Optimize research and resource allocation.

Supercharge Your Investment Research & Due-diligence Now

Better informed investors make better investments. Analyzing their validity and relevance becomes crucial as you get bombarded with information.

Once subscribed, Irostors will accelerate your traditional due diligence process using our systematic approach and built-in analytical features.

Engage now with investors and corporates on Irostors
Digitalization of Corporate Access is here, and we make it easy for you to get started.
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Basic features to get you started
    > One-to-one IR / CFO reach out
    > Smart Contact Management
    > Contact Management Features
    > Private Event Features
    > Corporate Access Consumption
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Everything in Free, plus
    > Due-diligence Cockpit
    > High Precision IR Email Campaigns
    > Corporate Access Consumption (PRO)