Security & Compliance

Uncompromised security and compliance standards for your team
Irostors' platform is engineered for security and committed to information protection. Here you will learn how we protect our users' data and ensure service continuity.

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Encryption in transit and at rest : Our security framework ensures that each customer's data is logically separated from others. Furthermore, we provide encryption at rest and in transit to protect our customer's data.

Database security : Data retention and backup happen continuously in a secure manner across encrypted networks and encrypted persistence layers.

Data recovery : Our disaster recovery and business continuity programs help us provide our customers with high data availability. We host customers' data on the Amazon cloud with geographically diverse disaster recovery sites.

All-year Audits : We conduct security audits to help prevent serious user privacy and data security issues during the beta testing stage for new modules or throughout the lifecycle of the service.


GDPR Compliant : We provide a Software-as-a-Service Solution suite that engages users from the European Union. As per GDPR requirements and standards, we are committed to keeping our EU customers' data protected and safeguarding their rights.

Privacy features : Users can directly manage their privacy preferences from the 'Settings' page and decide how, why, when, and by whom they would like to be reached.

No Data reselling : Irostors is an independent IRM and Corporate Access SaaS. We do not belong to any bank, asset manager, newspaper, or exchange. We do not sell our user data, nor are we in any partnership that allows Irostors' user data to be monetized. Irostors does not provide recommendations on any of the companies listed or operating on our platform.

Customer service

Low churn rate : Irostors' customer service team has a problem-solving approach to determine the appropriate solution for our user's complex cases. A deep understanding of our customers helps us maintain one of the lowest churn rates.

Minimized response time : We currently guarantee a response time below six hours, thanks to our follow-the-sum technology and commercial support teams.

Skillfull operators : Irostors supports its customers with some of the most skillful and educated talents in investment management, investor relations, and corporate access. Our ultimate objective is to understand our customer's backgrounds and satisfy their business needs.

The most adaptive team in the market : We are proud to be the most adaptive team in IRM and Corporate Access market. Our team always welcomes feedback and provides bespoke solutions when needed.

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