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Start growing your investor base today
Do you find it challenging to build the right investor base? Our AI-driven investor discovery tool combined with our IRM is the perfect solution to help you run a successful, active, and visible IR division at scale.

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A simple and effective way to discover new Investors

Your time is valuable, and finding the right investors can be challenging. We understand the complexity of this problem, so we created Irostors Discovery.

Irostors Discovery is our AI-driven solution that provides you with relevant investors. We maintain the freshest data with a high classification level so that we only recommend the right investors for your company.

With Irostors, you no longer have to waste hours on:

  • Filtering lengthy investors databases, hoping to find the right match
  • Keying in 'investors' on Linkedin Search and scrolling through pages of results
  • Complaining to your financial PR for lack of new investors at your next meeting
  • A powerful IRM solution for high performing IRs

    IRs and CFOs use dozens of software to manage investors' contacts and meetings workflows. It can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and error-prone.

    With Irostors' Investor Relation Management (IRM), IRs can seamlessly manage contacts, schedule and control meeting logistics, send personalized messages & answer inquiries.

    ONE platform to support ALL your IR tasks

    Over 600 features for the best IRs

    Contact management made just for IR
    Accurate record-keeping, enrichment with investor targeting criteria. Limitless permutation of distribution lists and contact numbers.
    Powerful and intelligent email campaigns
    You can instantly send emails to up to 10,000 contacts. Obtain granular performance metrics on critical communications.
    Online meeting logistics gone easy
    Create public & private events that cater for group and 1-on-1 meetings. We handle booking, reminders, and cancellation notifications for you.
    Effortless KPI record keeping
    Your IR efforts are recorded season after season. Track your progress, report it to your management. Your reports are unbiased, and accurate.
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    Make professional and outstanding reports that speak to your c-suite

    Has your management ever doubted your work? Have you ever lagged behind other IRs?

    Irostors can generate automated reports that help you deliver critical insights to management. Here is how:

  • A monthly subscription gives you access to over 200 performance indicators that you won’t find with our competitors. You can now show your management how you are hitting your targets.
  • Start building your track record and growing your investor database today so you can stand out from other IR teams tomorrow.
  • Engage now with investors and corporates on Irostors
    Digitalization of Corporate Access is here, and we make it easy for you to get started.
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